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A Last Will & Testament is a legal declaration, by which a person - the testator - names one or more persons to manage his or her estate and provides for the transfer of his or her property at death. The importance of a Last Will & Testament cannot be overstated: it is arguably the most important legal document that a person will ever sign, and yet two thirds of American adults do not have a Last Will & Testament.

Apprehension: The subject of mortality often is difficult to think about, much less discuss. Thinking about the end of the road can be unpleasant and easily avoidable.

Lack of Urgency: Since most of us don’t know when or where the road will end, preparing for it is commonly postponed or all together ignored.

Unnecessary: People often only associate wills with wealth or assets of monetary value. While the distribution of assets is an important part of your will, naming guardians for your minor children is equally, if not far more, important!

Cost Prohibitive: The legal fees associated with preparing a will are often cited as a deterrent. When an attorney is involved, the sky’s the limit, in terms of billable hours!


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