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We are ordinary people, ON A MISSION to provide an exceptional solution! We are parents, spouses, brothers & sisters, who much like you, often ask ourselves whether we’re doing enough to protect the people we love. Preparing your will is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. 

Your Last Will and Testament is arguably the most important legal document you'll ever prepare and execute.

However, data suggests that only about one third of Americans have a Last Will & Testament. Astonishing isn't it?

You don't need an attorney to write your Last Will and Testament! In fact, attorneys rely on standard templates to prepare Wills, charging hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to plug in your data. What if you had access to the same templates?

Without a Last Will & Testament, the courts - not you - decide what happens to your PROPERTY and your CHILDREN.

— Written on a bedroom wall, "All to wife" is said to be the shortest will in history!

— To name just a few, Martin Luther King, Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, Abraham Lincoln, and “Sonny” Bono all died intestate (without a will).

— On June 8, 1948 in Saskatchewan, Canada, a farmer named Cecil George Harris, who had become trapped under his own tractor, carved a will into the tractor's fender. It read, "In case I die in this mess I leave all to the wife. Cecil Geo. Harris." The fender was probated and stood as his will. The fender is currently on display at the law library of the University of Saskatchewan College of Law.

With these facts in mind, we set out to make a change! Start Your Will Now.

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