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Your Last Will and Testament is arguably the most important legal document you'll ever prepare and execute.

However, data suggests that only about one third of Americans have prepared a Last Will and Testament. Astonishing isn't it?

You don't need an attorney to write your Last Will and Testament! In fact, attorneys rely on computer software to prepare Wills. Your data is entered into the software, which generates your will. What if you had access to the same software?

Without a Last Will and Testament, the courts - not you - decide what happens to your PROPERTY and your CHILDREN.

"A group of ordinary people has done an extraordinary thing. They've taken the sacred Last Will and Testament template and made it available as a series of simple web forms, accessible to anyone. You answer the questions, and the 10MinuteWill.com software generate your will - all in a matter of minutes." (click to read full article)

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